Decorating With Remarkable Aluminum Garden Furniture

Of all the materials used historically to manufacture garden furniture, the 1821 discovery of aluminum in France, changed the face of garden furniture forever. Aluminum’s stellar qualities combine superior strength with incredible light weight and high resistance to corrosion. Aluminum garden furniture is available as tubular aluminum or cast aluminum.

Garden furniture designers and manufacturers immediately saw the potential of this metal for use in benches, tables and chairs. The corrosion resistance made this the ideal choice for environments where water was in use. While tubular aluminum garden furniture is easy to move from one location to another, this also means that a high wind can send your chair flying across the backyard.

The look of cast iron garden furniture can be duplicated in aluminum, and it is just as easy to create avant-garde designs. In addition to form of design, aluminum garden furniture is available in colors either painted or powder coated. The best choice between these two processes the advantage of powder coating over painting is adhesion to the metal.

There have been several innovations in aluminum garden furniture that has made shoppers stop and take another look. Quality manufacturers are offering a wide selection of designs created with this base metal that rival interior environment furniture.

Many of the advancements have been used by the hospitality industry to produce creative outdoor spaces of the finest hotels, resorts and spas. Designer fabrics can be found gracing aluminum garden furniture with strong tube-in-tube joints and secured using marine-grade stainless hardware with end tables topped by ceramic tile or realistic faux-stone.

Your home garden can be your private retreat to a more gracious period of time using a Victorian theme with cast aluminum garden furniture or take you back to the future with a sleek, modern design. Your outdoor living space can “dress” any occasion with the wide selection of fabrics covered cushions and pillows

Aluminum may be a modern discovery, but today the timeless designs of garden furniture being produced proves that it has earned a reputation for meeting the highest level of quality standards. Combining graceful style with functionality, aluminum garden furniture brings an optimum level of enjoyment to your outdoor living.

The elemental quality of aluminum garden furniture gives it the ability to combine strength with comfort. Many of the expressive designs today take their cue from the formal gardens of Europe during the 18th century when gracious living and entertaining was raised to an art form.

The exquisite styles of aluminum garden furniture can infuse your outdoor living space with vitality and color, while complimenting your home’s architectural design. As more consumers begin to discover the pleasure of fresh air entertaining, the demand has increased for comfortable, durable chairs, tables and benches that are easy to rearrange to suit the mood of the time.

There are several quality manufacturers of aluminum garden furniture that craft their collections by hand to ensure the highest standard of quality. The carefree spirit of outdoor living is complemented perfectly by the appropriate accessories. With innovative engineering of quality aluminum garden furniture today, the unique ornamental designs invite you to delight in its comfort.

The best aluminum garden furniture reflects careful attention to scale, proportion and the details such as; ultra-violet ray resistant vinyl straps, stainless steel fasteners, hardware and fittings.

Hawthorne Baby Furniture Collection by Child Craft

The Hawthorne Nursery Collection by Child Craft is stylish and rustic, inspired by the classic American architecture and furniture designs of the prairie. Finished to perfection in a home style Espresso finish, this collection features a graduated drawer design with real dovetail drawer construction and plenty of rustic details. The Hawthorne Baby Furniture collection begins with the lifetime crib which is rustic, substantial and completely stationary. It converts easily into a toddler bed with the removal of the front side assembly. All necessary parts for conversion from a crib to a toddler bed are included. The crib is made of solid wood with non-toxic, baby safe Espresso finish. The two position mattress height adjustment makes your and baby’s life easier and more comfortable. The crib mattress does not come with the purchase but is sold separately. All assembly screws fit into metal bushings so you may safely convert this bed as many times as necessary without sacrificing structural integrity.

This crib is completely compliant with all mandatory and voluntary standards including 16CFR 1508, ASTM-F1169, ASTM-F966 and ASTM-F1821 and is also JPMA certified.

Because there is no moving drop side mechanism the Hawthorne lifetime crib is sturdy and safe. Its dimensions when set up as crib are: 48-3/4″ H X 57-3/4″ L X 30″ W. The weight comes to 132 pounds. While assembly is required, all hardware is included as well easy to follow assembly instructions.

The Hawthorne lifetime crib can also be converted to a full size bed later. Full size bed rails are not included but are available separately as needed when baby has grown into a child and is ready to sleep in a full size bed. The second piece of the Hawthorne Baby Furniture collection is the Hawthorne Four Drawer Espresso This dresser has a stylish and unique graduated drawer design. It is made of solid wood with wood products back panel and real wood internal drawer construction with wood products bottom panel. The four drawers are extra large and have the special drawer stop feature. The dovetail construction and special nylon “anti-tip” restraint is a features that enhances and stabilizes the dresser. It is also tip tested for safety. The dressers dimensions are: 44-3/4″ H X 36-3/4″ W X 21″ D and it weighs 176 pounds. No assembly is required other than attachment of pulls, which are included along with all necessary hardware.

The matching Espresso Dressing Bureau is the final addition to the Hawthorne Baby Furniture collection and a lovely addition to your nursery. This bureau has a stylish and unique graduated drawer design. The addition of the Child Craft Dressing Kit, which includes the changing pad, turns this dressing bureau into a dressing table. This dresser is made from solid wood with a wood products back panel. Features of the dresser include 3 large drawers on left side, 1 large door area on right side of chest which houses a removable/adjustable shelf. They are made from solid wood with wood products back panels. Drawers have special drawer stop feature and dovetail construction. The special “anti-tip” restraint is included and the dresser is tip tested for safety. Its dimensions are: 35″ H* X 50-7/8″ W X 21″ D while it weighs 157 pounds. No assembly is required other than attachment of pulls and hardware, which are both included. The door area is sized just right to store and hide a diaper pail system (diaper pail system not included).

The matching Hawthorne Dressing Kit temporarily turns dressing bureau into a baby changing station by attaching to the back of the dressing bureau with mending plates, which are included. No other assembly is required. It is completely enclosed for safety while constructed from all wood with plywood bottom panel. A changing pad and security strap and buckle are included in the purchase. There is a separate area to store lotions. The dimensions are: 5-1/2″ H X 18-1/2″ W X 42-1/2″ L. The Dressing Kit weighs 18 pounds.

5 Tips To Choose The Best Door Hardware

Door Hardware or in other words door furniture refers to items attached to the door to beautify its appearance and boost its functionality. Door hardware includes door handles, hinges, locks, fasteners and other accessories like door closers and openers, door knockers, door stops, peepholes, fingerplates etc. Depending upon the type of door you will be installing and its location, you would have to decide which aspect would you want to give more preference, safety or the style of your home. Here are a few tips to help you out with your selection


You would want to ensure the safety of your family at all times. Locks are a very important part of your hardware. Deadbolt locks are most commonly preferred. It is advisable to opt for simple locks instead of high end complicated ones, as they are not reliable and require lots of maintenance. Weak hinges are common places where intruders and burglars tend to attack. Exterior doors of your house should open inward as in this case the hinge pins would be safe inside the house. Stainless steel and brass hinges are mostly used because of their durability. Screws used to secure locks and hinges should be long enough to hold against an intruder. Peepholes and security chains are also very important. Make sure peepholes are one way so that the person standing outside your door cannot see when you come to take a look.

Attachments and accessories

Door attachments like door knockers, address plates, towel hangers etc. add to the functionality of your home. Door stops are very useful as they prevent open doors from swinging into a wall or furniture and causing damage. Door openers keep open doors from closing automatically. Knobs and handles made of wood, porcelain, brass, cast iron and glass can be used for your cabinets.

Interior Hardware

Door pulls could be used instead of door locks. These pulls can be used on kitchen doors to allow hands-free operation. Bathrooms and bedrooms could use privacy locks which have no keys, but can be locked on the inside by a push button on the door knob.

Keep in mind the décor of your home

You can choose doorknobs, handles and levers which are available in different styles and designs to suit the interior décor of your home. There are also a variety of colors like gold and silver and finishes of bronze, nickel, brass and chrome you can opt for.


Always keep the budget in mind. Sit and chalk out how many doors you would like to have in your home and how you would like to accessorize them accordingly. Once you have drawn a figure, it will be easy for you to avoid expensive brands and pick one that matches up your budget.

You should do proper research before you pick your door hardware so that you get the right product that fits your requirement. Choosing the right hardware for your door will not only add style and accentuate the décor of your home, but also provide lasting security and peace of mind.

Choosing Vintage and Antique Hardware – A Basic Overview

Antique hardware or antique reproduction hardware refers to time period specific door, window, cabinet, furniture or other home hardware pieces. Depending on the era, hardware was (and still is) produced in a wide variety of materials including forged or cast iron, solid brass, pewter, bronze, steel, or even glass. Popularity of designs and availability of materials varied during different architectural periods. For example Colonial Era hardware was traditionally simple in design and made of cast or forged iron, while other Victorian era used highly ornate pieces cast from solid brass and were used as much for their aesthetic qualities as their functionality in the home.

Antique or reproduction antique hardware for the home is a wonderful way to add elegance to any room, door, or piece of furniture. The wide variety of materials, designs and finishes gives you a chance to refurbish old pieces or add a beautiful finishing touch to new additions to your home. While antique hardware may be more limited in availability, reproduction antique hardware is beautifully hand cast and finished to fit your design needs. Original designs are recast to maintain all the detail of the original designs and frequently available in a wider variety of finishes including Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Reproduction antique hardware is produced today – allowing you to incorporate their patterns in your doors, windows, kitchen cabinets and more. It is a simple way to introduce a common theme to your house. Antique or reproduction antique hardware can transform a boring home into a showplace – but be sure to follow a few simple steps. First, remember that antique hardware (especially doorknob sets) may not be designed to work in modern doors. Most reproduction doorknob sets are designed to fit modern doors while still using traditional historic designs. Second, replace older or worn pieces throughout your home with the same or similar period pieces to help tie the look together for you. Note: The use of a common theme will help tie the look together for you. You can consult decorating magazines for assistance or ask an interior decorator for help as well.

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